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Founder – Alex John

Alex John HBT Founder

Alex John is a relationship coach and author with over a decade of experience helping individuals and couples build fulfilling and lasting relationships. With a background in psychology and a genuine passion for empowering others, Alex founded HBT Insider with the mission of offering practical guidance and inspiration to people seeking to enhance their personal and romantic lives.

Meet Our Authors

Layla Smith

Layla S. advocates for healing through shared experiences, drawing from her passion for outdoor adventure. She provides guidance and tools to foster holistic well-being, believing in the transformative power of connection and self-care. Through her understanding of the healing potential in nature and human connection, Layla S. encourages self-discovery and renewal within the Healing category.

Emily Johnson

Emily J. is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a deep commitment to helping couples cultivate love and harmony in their relationships. Drawing from her years of experience working with couples from diverse backgrounds, Emily offers insightful advice and strategies for building a strong and resilient marriage in the Blissful Marriage section.

Sarah Jordan

Sarah J. is a youth mentor and educator passionate about supporting teenagers as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. With a background in counseling and adolescent development, Sarah provides compassionate guidance and practical tips for teens facing issues related to identity, peer pressure, and relationships in the Teenage Talk section.

Maya Thompson

Maya T. is a life coach and wellness advocate dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential and live their best lives. Through her expertise in mindfulness, personal development, and holistic health, Maya offers transformative advice and actionable strategies for self-improvement in the Self-Help section.

Ethan Williams

Ethan W. is a relationship expert and author committed to helping individuals and couples cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships. With a background in communication studies and conflict resolution, Ethan shares practical insights and proven techniques for navigating the complexities of love and intimacy in the Relationships section.

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