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20 Signs He Regrets Cheating | Is He Sorry?

Some people say “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but that’s not always true. Sometimes, a person who cheats regrets it because they still love their partner and hope they didn’t ruin their chance to stay together.

Your partner’s being unfaithful can be a devastating blow to any relationship. The pain, betrayal, and loss of trust can feel overwhelming, leaving you questioning whether reconciliation is even possible. Let’s explore 20 shocking Signs He Regrets Cheating.

Does He Feel Guilty? Top 20 Signs He Regrets Cheating

If the man you love betrayed you, you might think he doesn’t love you, but it’s not always that simple. Men cheat for different reasons, and it’s often not because they don’t love their partners. Some men feel remorse and guilt, while others might not have the empathy to regret their actions.

If your boyfriend or husband cheated on you and you still love him, there are signs you can look for to see if he regrets cheating.

1. He Owns Up to His Mistakes

Admitting guilt is hard, so he deserves some credit for trying. It might be a shock, especially if you hadn’t heard it from anyone else, but he deserves a chance to explain, it could be a sign he regrets cheating How he communicates his mistakes and apologies is important.

A sincere apology should sound truly sorry. A genuinely sorry man will take full responsibility without blaming you or justifying his actions.

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2. He Keeps Trying to Reconnect

He keeps contacting you often, trying to talk and convince you to get back together. This shows he still cares and regrets hurting you. He may send heartfelt messages saying he’s sorry and wants to make things right.

Frequent phone calls, showing up unexpectedly, or trying to spend time with you are other ways he might try to reconnect. His efforts to communicate and show sincerity can be a sign he wants to make amends.

3. Seeking a New Beginning Together

After admitting his regret for cheating, he may tell you he wants a new beginning with you. He’ll emphasize leaving his past mistakes behind and committing fully to rebuilding trust. He’ll acknowledge the affair was a terrible mistake and sincerely apologize for hurting you, it could be a signs he regrets cheating.

4. He Gives You Time and Space

He is patient and understanding of your need for time and space to heal. Respecting your boundaries despite his desire to reconcile reflects genuine remorse. He may give you the space you need without pressuring you, understanding that trust takes time to rebuild.

Allowing you to process your emotions at your own pace demonstrates his willingness to put your needs first.

5. He Won’t Leave You Alone

He constantly calls and texts you, and you might even ‘accidentally’ bump into him at the mall or a restaurant. He could show up at places he knows you’ll be, just to get a chance to talk. All these efforts are his way of hoping for one more chance to apologize and ask for a fresh start.

He might send heartfelt messages, buy you thoughtful gifts, or do anything to show he’s truly sorry and wants to make things right.

6. Everyone notices changes in him

 If a partner genuinely regrets cheating, his changed behaviour should be evident to those around him, not just to you. His actions and personal transformation should be so pronounced that your friends and family can see for themselves that he is a different man.

The unfaithful partner should become more consistently thoughtful, communicative, and emotionally available. His words and actions should be aligned as he works to rebuild trust. He may become more affectionate, more accountable, and more protective of the relationship changes that should be noticeable to those around you.

7. He Prioritizes Rebuilding Trust

He makes you a priority and puts in consistent effort to rebuild trust. When someone genuinely regrets their actions, they show it through thoughtful gestures aimed at earning back your trust.

This could mean planning regular date nights, sending loving messages throughout the day, or going out of their way to emphasise how much you mean to them. Seeing them prioritise you in these signs he regrets cheating.

8. He’s More Appreciative of You

When a partner who cheated genuinely appreciates and thanks you for your patience and efforts to rebuild, it shows signs he regrets cheating his actions and wants to make things right.

His gratitude goes beyond just saying sorry. It shows he understands how much his actions hurt you and respects your decision to move forward despite the pain.

He sincerely values the chance you’ve given him and sees your willingness to work through the aftermath of his betrayal as a gift, not something expected.

9. He’s More Supportive

He makes an effort to be more supportive and helpful, both emotionally and practically. He wants to be there for you in every way possible, whether it’s listening to your worries, assisting with daily tasks, or being a pillar of support during tough moments.

His actions demonstrate his dedication to your happiness and to building a stronger relationship together.

10. He’s Willing to Compromise

When a partner who has cheated becomes more flexible and open to compromise, it’s a strong signs he regrets cheating.

After infidelity, rebuilding trust and connection often requires the unfaithful partner to make extra efforts. This may mean showing more willingness to compromise and meet halfway, even on issues that would have led to strong disagreements in the past.

11. He’s More Communicative

When a partner who cheated starts sharing his thoughts and feelings openly, even when it’s tough, it shows he’s serious about rebuilding trust and closeness. Instead of avoiding difficult topics or emotions, he becomes emotionally available, dropping his guard.

These talks should feel genuine, not forced. He should truly want to connect, not just tell you what he thinks you want to hear, it’s a strong signs he regrets cheating. His emotional openness should feel consistent and sincere, not temporary.

This can gradually rebuild trust and understanding, showing he’s committed to earning back your trust, it shows signs he regrets cheating.

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12. He Takes Full Responsibility

He shows remorse and takes full responsibility for his actions. By avoiding blame and admitting his mistakes, he demonstrates genuine regret. He accepts that he alone is responsible for the affair and doesn’t make excuses or shift the blame, it’s a strong signs he regrets cheating. Showing he understands the seriousness of what he did.

13. He Grants You Full Access

By giving you access to his phone, email, and social media accounts, he shows he has nothing to hide.

This level of openness goes beyond simply deleting or blocking the person he cheated with. Instead, he is proactively giving you the ability to monitor his ongoing communications and interactions with others.

He may offer to share his passwords, allow you to check his devices at any time, and be entirely upfront about his digital activities.

14. He Avoids Blame

He takes responsibility for his actions and doesn’t blame you. By owning up to his mistakes without deflecting, it’s a strong signs he regrets cheating. He shows genuine regret. He admits that cheating was his decision alone, and he doesn’t suggest that anything you did or didn’t do led to it.

Refusing to make you responsible for his betrayal shows he understands his own guilt.

15. He Expresses Regret to Others

He shares his feelings with close friends about regretting losing you. This shows he understands how serious his actions were. He might tell trusted loved ones that he made a big mistake and feels sorry. If you hear him express genuine regret to others, it can be a signs he regrets cheating.

This openness and honesty indicate he is willing to take responsibility and may want to make things right.

16. He Hasn’t Really Moved On

He hasn’t truly moved on, even if it looks like he’s sleeping around, it’s a strong signs he regrets cheating. This shows he’s still hung up on you. He might go from one casual fling to the next but can’t form real connections with anyone else.

Seeing him alone and lonely, despite trying to seem unaffected, can reveal his true feelings. His inability to invest in anyone else suggests he still cares about you and regrets losing you.

17. He Realizes Your Value

Seeing you happy without him makes him realize what he lost. Watching you thrive on your own can make him regret cheating. If it’s seeing you succeed at work, surrounded by supportive friends, or just radiating happiness and confidence, realizing he’s no longer part of your fulfilling life can bring deep regret.

His recognition of your happiness and success without him can be a it’s a effective signs he regrets cheating.

18. Takes the Lead in Spending Time Together

He starts spending time with you without being invited. You might walk in to find him on the sofa watching your favorite TV show, or he greets you after work with a smile, coffee, and a kiss.

His eagerness to be with you shows he genuinely wants to share meaningful moments together without needing an invitation, it’s a clear signs he regrets cheating.

 19. He’s Extremely Remorseful

When a man is caught cheating, his feelings can vary guilt, remorse, both, or neither. How cheaters perceive themselves depends on their personality. Some may justify their actions and feel little remorse, while others may feel deep regret and see themselves as having made a mistake.

If he feels guilty, it means he’s mainly ashamed of getting caught. Remorse, on the other hand, shows signs he regrets cheating and understands the pain he caused. Guilt is more about his emotions, while remorse indicates understanding and recognition of the hurt he inflicted on you.

20. Repeated Apologies

If the unfaithful partner takes the time to give you a thoughtful, sincere apology on multiple occasions, it’s a strong signs he regrets cheating, and that he truly cares about you and the relationship.

They take full responsibility for their actions and don’t blame you or external factors. They admit that cheating was their own choice, a result of their poor judgment and lack of integrity.


When someone regrets cheating, they show it through heartfelt apologies, changed behaviour, and a strong effort to rebuild trust. By taking responsibility, expressing genuine remorse, and consistently trying to mend things.

they demonstrate a commitment to valuing the relationship and working through the aftermath of their actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a man act when he’s guilty of cheating?

He gets angry or defensive more easily.

Do men regret affairs?

Most of those who have affairs are satisfied with their experience and do not feel regrets.

Do men regret losing a loyal woman?

Yes, many men do experience regret after letting a good girl go. This regret often stems from hindsight and a deeper understanding of the value and uniqueness of the relationship they lost.

Will a man cheat if he loves you?

There are many reasons people cheat even when they truly do love the partner they have committed to 

What are the stages of guilt after cheating?

 denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

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